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“…as Northern Michigan as Cherry Pie.”

“…as Northern Michigan as Cherry Pie.”

One of the sweetest features of northern Michigan’s cuisine is its cherries, and by extension, pies and crumbles. As local journalist Nancy Krcek Allen writes, “Apple pie has been hailed as the all-American dessert, but cherries prevail in these parts.”

I don’t need much of an excuse to bake, so I decided to have fun with this one and make a cherry crumble using Trader Joe’s cherry pie filling. I topped it off with a crumble recipe from JakesDelights (the only tweak I would recommend is that this recipe makes far too much topping for one nine-inch pie. I’d prepare three quarters worth). It came out tastier than it was photogenic, and I highly recommend it as a nice summer treat.

If you’re eager to make more authentic cherry recipes from northern Michigan, here’s one for sour cherry pie that looks particularly tempting.

Finally, if I’m ever in northern Michigan in early July, I would absolutely love to attend the Cherry Festival. It looks like so much fun!

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