Blueberry Crumble (inspired by Lil Krutooñ di Pwer)

Blueberry Crumble (inspired by Lil Krutooñ di Pwer)

This recipe is inspired by lil krutooñ di pwer, or the Saskatoon crumble. It’s a dessert from the Métis Nation, which is a group of the descendants of the Cree and the early French settlers and explorers.

I found the link to this Métis cookbook just in time before it was time to move on to Australia. The recipe is on page 76.

It’s interesting to see the mix of ingredient and to see the French and Cree influences in one dish. It’s also fun to decipher the name—if you speak French, or even if you just studied some French in school, try it!

Have you tried it? Okay. Here’s how it goes:

Lil looks like le in French, which means ‘the,’ so I’ll guess this is the definite article.

Krutooñ looks like the English word crouton, which I’ll bet comes from French, too. I wonder, does crouton mean anything besides ‘stale bread for salads?’ If not, does it come from something else?

I searched “define: crouton” in Google, and saw that crouton comes from the French croûton, which comes from the French word for crust, which is croûte.

Okay. So it’s likely that ‘lil krutooñ’ means ‘the crust,’ and that ‘di’ is from de, which means ‘of’ in French. Cool! Pwer must be the native word for Saskatoon berry!

Very exciting stuff.

After traveling to three different grocery stores, I still could not get my hands on Saskatoon berries. I read they’re starting to become a more common crop here in the States, but right now they’re more commonly found in Minnesota and Michigan, and they’re marketed with the name juneberries.

According to Saskatoon Michigan, Saskatoon berries have a sweet, nutty taste similar to blueberries. I decided to attempt to come close to the flavor of Saskatoon berries by adding just a touch of almond extract to the blueberries before adding the oats. I’ve never had the real thing, so I don’t know if this approximated the flavor. For those of you who have tried the berries, do you have any suggestions for approximating the flavor if the berries aren’t available?

It tastes as delicious as it looks, and ultimately, it’s not so unhealthy! I’m adopting this one.

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Written by A. Alexander


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