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Herrgottsbecheißerle ~ Maultaschen

Herrgottsbecheißerle ~ Maultaschen

These large ravioli-like dumplings are called Herrgottsbecheißerle, meaning “God’s little bullshitters,” in the Swabian dialect of German. The dish is rumored to have been developed by devious monks who thought they could hide meat under the dough so God wouldn’t see them eating it during Lent.

Personally, I find it hard to believe that sincerely religious monks would actually believe that an omnipresent deity would be fooled by meat hidden in dumplings, and much more likely that whoever created this dish may have been a non-believer in a religious era trying to hide the meat from casual onlookers…but who knows. Anyway, it’s perfect that I was able to make these right after Fasnet.

Making pasta isn’t supposed to be so easy, but between the pierogies and the spätzle, I’ve become accustomed to it and can even make it pretty well, I think. However, these were by far the most challenging recipe involving pasta dough I’ve tried thus far, since the dough should be super, super thin.

Even while working with small amounts of dough and rolling it as thin as I could, I just couldn’t get the dough to be as thin as I felt it should have been. I think I was right because the dough was unpleasantly thick while eating the finished product.

That said, the taste was excellent—the onion, spinach, and beef mixed with breadcrumbs and bacon was a light, savory combination. I think I’m missing an important (and perhaps assumed) piece of knowledge on how to roll dough so thin.

Any suggestions?

Written by A. Alexander


  • Never made any myself. So no suggestions from me 😉 Here the bakeries sell the dough already rolled out (do say so?), my husband cooks a lot of Swabian stuff, makes homemade Spätzle … however, homemade Maultaschen really are a task … so we buy them at the supermarket or the butcher.

    (I saw on instagram that you live in Boston, right? I went to Tufts University – and almost married a guy from North Andover ;-))

    • A. Alexander says:

      Wow! Small world! Well, if you’re ever in Boston again we should meet for coffee. 🙂 Also, that maultaschen are usually bought at the supermarket makes me feel much better about how mine came out!

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