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Jello Fruit Cocktail Cake


I have to admit that before reading about this, I’d never heard of anything like it. The only thing that comes close is a recipe from a vintage cookbook from the 60s. I’d always thought it was a fad and that people had decided against it. Are memories really made of this as /u/isle_say  says? If that’s true, it must be pretty good. Only one way to find out!

I went to the grocery store in search of peach Jello, a flavor I’d never even heard of. I got to the baking aisle and there was no peach Jello. Must be a regional thing. I decided I’d just go with the vanilla instead, but I was a little disappointed. Peach Jello seemed so otherworldly, and now that it was brought to my attention, I wanted to know what it tasted like.

The next day I stopped by Whole Foods to pick something up, and I was surprised to see “gel dessert” packages in the baking aisle. They came in just three flavors, and one of them was peach! And one side of the box was in French! Is it? It is! It’s shipped from Canada! Made in South Africa! I was delighted with all of this.


The Jello-fruit cocktail cake just came out of the oven and is cooling on the rack, and it smells delicious!

I’m pleased to say that juicy fruit cocktail combination works very well with the spongier lemon cake!


Written by A. Alexander


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