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Meat Pie


This is the recipe I used for making the traditional Australian meat pie—and boy, was it good! What’s great about the meat pie is that it seems familiar and new all at once—it’s very much a comfort food that feels familiar somehow, but the flavor of the meat filling is subtly different from the American meat seasonings I’m accustomed to.

The only beef I had with this recipe is that it calls for frozen puffed pastry for the pie crust. While it came out tasting great, with a light but savory, buttery texture, it isn’t so healthy—it has a small amount of hydrogenated oils (I talk about why I try to avoid these in my bannock post). I should have researched the ingredients beforehand because by the time I realized this I was already at the store, and without enough time to hand make a croissant dough for the crust instead. I’m sure that’s delicious, too, if not more so.

The only difficult part about this is the crust—the rest is super easy. Working with pie crust, whether store bought or homemade, is always a little challenging. In fact, when it came out of the oven, a hole had formed in the crust—and then it made sense why so many pictures of meat pies I’d seen online looked that way, too. So whichever way you choose, just do it! It’s delicious and a nine-inch pie dish provided days worth of food.



Written by A. Alexander


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