Ribáuè, Mozambique

Ribáuè, Mozambique

The GPS has landed on Ribáuè, Mozambique, part of Nampula province. The cuisine here has its heritage in both Mozambique and Portugal, courtesy of the colonists who settled there in 1505 after Vasco da Gama took note of it in the late 1400s.

Flag_of_Mozambique.svgMozambique has a book on its flag! It also has firearms, which many Mozambicans would like to change.

Being a coastal province, seafood, particularly shrimp, is popular. That said, shrimp happens to be one of the few foods I’m not particularly fond of, so you’ll see I’ll be choosing to make other dishes from Mozambique. So far, spicy peri peri sauce (literally “pepper pepper” sauce) is what I’m most excited to try.


Here is Mozambique and Nampula Province on a map:

map of Mozambique



Stay tuned!


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