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rissolesRissoles were the first food stop in Australia. They sounded good and fairly easy to make.

I browsed through several recipes and found some themes in common variations: some included zucchini and carrots, which, it seemed, are also a common side dish, and some had Worcestershire sauce and/or barbecue sauce. I decided to prepare the rissoles with the carrots and zucchini as a stir-fried side dish.

As I was preparing the meat and bread crumb mixture, I thought back to stories I had heard about my great-grandmother making her homemade hamburgers with breadcrumbs, eggs, pepper, and chopped onions. I never thought I’d be making something so similar, and it felt good, like I was doing something worthwhile. The mixture also smelled really incredible.

In the end, I overcooked the meat a little, so it was just alright. Mixing the barbecue sauce and Worcestershire sauce together made a really nice dipping sauce for the rissoles, though, and the side dish of carrots and zucchini came out well. Maybe next time it will come out even better.rissoles ingredients


Written by A. Alexander


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