It’s been a great experience learning about Swabian culture, and I’ve learned a lot. My favorite recipe that I tried, though, was this one for spätzleThe dominant flavors of this thick, hearty pasta were nutmeg and white pepper, although there are a few varieties different from the one I made. This dish fills you up quick, so it’s best served in small portions or as a side dish.

Since I don’t have a pasta maker, I first tried pushing the dough through a grater (as recommended on various sites), but I found that I had to press the dough through the holes, which was dangerously close for my hand to be to the grater. Also, the dough is so thick that pushing it through was really difficult.

Finally, I decided to hand-cut the dough. This way was super fast and easy: if you don’t have any special equipment, I’d recommend hand-cutting the spätzle dough. Actually, this was really an easy recipe to make using this method and I’d recommend it to anyone.

The final flavors of the spätzle, bacon, parsley, and parmesan cheese worked perfectly together. The recipe is a kitchen masterpiece.



Written by A. Alexander


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