Mock Moose Meat Chili

Mock Moose Meat Chili

In search for more Alaskan recipes, I purchased this cookbook What Real Alaskans Eat: Not Your Ordinary Cookbook (aff). It focuses on pre-pipeline Alaskan recipes, emphasizing the dishes the Americans brought over as well as some modern and original versions of classics. So far, it’s been enjoyable, and the author writes with a dry sense of humor, which I also enjoy.

The first recipe I wanted to try was a recipe for moose meat chili—the recipe, which had a cranberry base rather than a tomato and bean base, intrigued me, and while I enjoyed the sound of it, I actually could not even begin to imagine what this dish would taste like. Notice that an Alaskan spin on salsa also replaces tomatoes with cranberries. (The recipe did say that if moose meat wasn’t available that beef could be substituted for a mock moose meat creation, so that’s what I did.)

The recipe also called for beer, and, since Alaskan beers aren’t sold at the local liquor store, I decided to try Morph, a beer from the local Night Shift Brewing Company in Everett, Massachusetts. I admit I was swayed by the owl on the can, but this not only went really well with the chili but also has become a favorite beer of mine. What’s cool about it is that the company never brews it exactly the same way twice, resulting in slightly different flavors each time.

I liked it a lot. That said, I probably went overboard with the bacon (I added more than the recipe called for), as the final dish was quite heavy. Then again, had I used less bacon it might have been perfect for a main course, but I’d recommend this one served as a side with blue corn tortilla chips and topped with dried, sweetened cranberries.

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