Thai Green Curry Chicken Pies

Thai Green Curry Chicken Pies

What’s especially great about this recipe is that it slants away from the strictly traditional dishes and creates a fusion dish incorporating the many cultures represented in Australia today. Chicken pot pie is a traditional favorite along with meat pies, and it’s a favorite of mine, too—here in the States, chicken pot pies are fairly common. I also love Thai food, so this mix of pot pie and curry sounded promising.

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Chicken Parmi

chicken parmiI was a little surprised to read that Australians consider chicken parm an Australian food. From what I’ve read, it’s served at almost every pub and, unlike in the States, it’s served with a side salad and chips/fries (although there is debate as to whether the fries should be served under the parm or alongside it) rather than pasta.

There are two variations: one with ham under the cheese and one without. I’m not a big ham fan, so I went with the hamless version. After reading several recipes, I ended up with a combination of a few mainly inspired by this one:

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Lazy Pierogies



If you’re learning about Saskatchewan, before long, you’ll find that pierogies are a thing. My first attempt at investigating the regional culture took me to Youtube. I found a video from a guy who was explaining the hand signals drivers use in Saskatchewan, and how to just the right kind of wave—”you don’t want to overdo it,” he said, “or we’ll know you’re an outsider.” It was pretty cool that even drivers seem to have a vague sense of camaraderie.

Below that, I found a link to a video called “Things Saskatchewan people NEVER say.” Of course, I clicked, hoping to find Sask truths. Recurring themes involved how cold it can get and how much snow falls, how important hockey is, pils (pilsner), pierogies, and cabbage rolls.

Knowing this, I began my look into the world of Saskatchewan pierogie making.

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Join me as I generate random coordinates on the planet and attempt to learn to cook those regions' cuisines.

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