Sourdough Pancakes


These sourdough pancakes were a delight, and were my first recipe from the sourdough starter batch I had made. Sourdough is such an important aspect of Alaskan cuisine, as it provided some of the only nourishment that settlers could get in the long, cold, and dark winters. Sourdough was so precious that settlers would keep it in a jar held close to their chest under their many layers of clothing to shield it from the vicious cold and keep it alive — you can even read about that in Michener’s Alaska: A Novel.

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As you can see, these pancakes are very thin, but airy. Large bubbles formed and popped in the batter while they were frying, resulting in a unique design on the pancakes, but a thin, “just-right” texture that wasn’t too crispy but wasn’t too thick. The pancakes are almost crêpe-like, with a hint of sourdough taste—yet another great recipe for you from What Real Alaskans Eat: Not Your Ordinary Cookbook!

An added benefit is that because it is fermented, sourdough can actually be healthier than many other pancakes because of the probiotics created during the fermentation process. Although I chose to make my own sourdough, if you want to get started making sourdough recipes right away, you may decide to purchase ready-made Alaskan Sourdough Starter.

If you enjoy breakfast foods as much as I do, and are looking for a little variety in your flapjacks or a healthier alternative to traditional pancakes, then this recipe is a good choice.






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