Alaska and Reading Alaska: A New Timetable Strategy?

Today, I got back into the groove of things. I’ve been reading James Michener’s Alaska: A Novel (aff. Michener is one of my new favorite authors, by the way), and I haven’t yet finished the journey. There were still Alaskan recipes I’d wanted to try, as I’d gone out more often than usual in the past couple of weeks, but I didn’t want to bend the original, two-week-per-region plan. I was supposed to start the Upper Peninsula of Michigan last Thursday on this plan, but I’m wondering if another, better way would be to switch regions whenever I’m done reading a book about the region I’m in. I think I’d get more out of each place that way, although it might not be as fair, as some books take longer to read than others. (Then again, if I’m starting to get bored of one type of cuisine, all the more reason to increase my time spent reading.)

At least for Alaska, I’ve decided to go ahead and keep making Alaskan dishes until I’m done with the novel Alaska. We’ll see how that works. The two-week plan has its benefits—I can plan ahead, for example, with holidays I might be making special desserts or meals for. Then again, not being sure where I’ll be when is a little more exciting in a way, leaving an element of suspense to the project.

So, which do you think is a better plan? Switching locations every couple of weeks or changing locations whenever I’m finished reading a book about that place?



Join me as I generate random coordinates on the planet and attempt to learn to cook those regions' cuisines.

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