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Still reading Michener’s Alaska, Everyone.

It’s pretty funny: I downloaded the ebook, having no clue as to Michener’s reputation (not that this would have changed my decision to read Alaska). After opening the ebook and reading a few pages, I decided to see how many pages there would be, and was shocked. See, that’s one of the pitfalls of ebooks—you can’t tell their length immediately.

I’m actually really enjoying the book, and I think I made the right choice to base the length of time in a place based on however long it takes me to get through a book about that place. My goal for this project wasn’t just to learn to cook foods from around the world and enjoy them, but also to really learn about the random places I landed in, and I can think of no better way to do that than to read about each one.

The downside, of course, is that if I choose to read an epic novel like this one, I’ll be in one place for some time, and things will slow down on the blog. I still like reading about each place though, so I’ll keep tweaking it until I find a middle-ground solution that works. Any suggestions?

Speaking of suggestions, I’m also searching for an interesting book about Upper Michigan (or just Michigan), my next vicarious location. Non-fiction, memoir, biography, and historical fiction are genres I enjoy that also allow me to learn about the place. Any recommendations?

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Blizzards: an Unexpected Obstacle

Blizzards: an Unexpected Obstacle

Over the last three weeks, the northeast US has been hit with a blizzard a week. It’s resulted in government closures and public transit shut downs. I’ve been enjoying the snowy views from my window. However, these circumstances have limited my ability to procure Vietnamese ingredients. This is a situation I didn’t foresee when I began this project.

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Saskatchewan Review!

Our first kitchen destination has been a great success! I’m still enjoying the leftovers of the cake, the wheat cakes, the bannock and the krootoñ di pwer.

Everything here was so good that I can definitely see myself making all of these again. However, I think my favorites were pierogies, the confetti bars, the Jello fruit cocktail cake, the bannock, and the krootoñ di pwer. The confetti bars and Jello fruit cocktail cake are the least healthy, so I’ll make these only for special occasions. The cake would be awesome for summer. I might also modify the recipe and post an inspired recipe or two here based on what I think might taste even better and what could be healthier.

As for the bannock, it was super easy to make and it reminds me of growing up having biscuits, butter and jam for breakfast with my grandparents, except there’s no hydrogenated oils in it when I make it at home. I’d love to try different variations of bannock going forward.

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Join me as I generate random coordinates on the planet and attempt to learn to cook those regions' cuisines.

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