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Thai Green Curry Chicken Pies

Thai Green Curry Chicken Pies

What’s especially great about this recipe is that it slants away from the strictly traditional dishes and creates a fusion dish incorporating the many cultures represented in Australia today. Chicken pot pie is a traditional favorite along with meat pies, and it’s a favorite of mine, too—here in the States, chicken pot pies are fairly common. I also love Thai food, so this mix of pot pie and curry sounded promising.

I decided to use this recipe. Unlike the meat pie, this recipe called for four single serve pie dishes, but I made this using the same pie dish as the meat pie. Another difference is the recipe called for puff pastry again, but I decided to try a regular pie crust in the dessert aisle that didn’t use hydrogenated oils.

It came out tasty and savory—just a little sweet with some tang from the lime flavor. The pie crust also worked well, but the puff pastry did have a more savory flavor to it. Looks like homemade will be the way to go!




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